Our guide to Copenhagen...

We are freshly back from our inspiration trip in Copenhagen and want to share our picks for any of you thinking of going.  

We chose to go to CPH for inspiration because they do resale so very very well.  It’s so normalised! They are our people! We spent 3 days there and would highly recommend you to go.

Enjoy & report back if you do go xx 



25 Hours Hotel Indre By - very central, 20 minutes via train from airport.

Part of the Dis-loyalty programme, which is a membership scheme and offers good discounts on hotels and restaurants in the group.


Coffee and brekky stuff...

  • Prolog Coffee - Roasters & coffee shop, there are two in Copenhagen
  • ⁠⁠La Cabra Coffee - (also INCREDIBLE clothing here too) cheese roll & x2 oat flat whites was our order…
  • Mad + Kaffe - brekky/brunch, walk in’s only


  • ⁠⁠War Pigs - Texas barbecue and American-Danish style beers
  • ⁠⁠Vinoria Lilo - wine bar and restaurant (near the hotel)