Terms and Conditions

Selling your items with Positive Retail

Please download and complete the online sellers form or alternatively complete the form in store. This form will be required when booking in items with Positive Retail.


We only accept genuine, authentic brands. Under no circumstances will we accept counterfeit goods. If we are unsure of the item’s authenticity for any reason we will have to refuse the item. Please check that your items are genuine, in an ideal world you would provide original receipts, proof of purchase, tags and/or authenticity cards.


Only items that are in good quality condition and clean will be accepted. If items need a little more love to be hanger ready we have partnered with Brian at Paris Drycleaners, Ramsgate. For a cost of £4 per item he will have your garments gleaming and ready for selling at Positive Retail.


This is a partnership!  You get 50% and we get 50% commission to put back into the Positive Retail Community.

Sale periods and promotions

We retain the right to run sales periods, events, promotions and offers. Therefore items for sale with us are subject to being discounted or marked down. Unless you have specified an exact minimum amount you will be paid as per the above commission and terms.  

Selling your items outside Positive Retail

Whilst selling your items through Positive Retail we ask kindly for you to refrain from selling on other platforms such as Ebay until your selling period with us is complete. If your items are selling via other platforms we have the right to refuse your items for selling.

Items are left solely at the owner’s risk

We do not accept liability for loss, damage or theft of your property however caused while in our custody and control, or that of carriers engaged by us to collect or deliver the property.

Exchanges and refunds – in store

We have a strict no returns policy. However if you have a problem with an item please contact us and we will try to resolve it for you.

Exchanges and refunds – online sales

Your statutory rights mean you have the right to return an item purchased online. Please contact us at hello@positive-retail.com to arrange the return. If you have bought online and collected in store, the item cannot be returned.


If you buy an item from us, please refrain from sending it back to us for resale after you have used it. We wish to provide fresh stock so that there is ‘always something new’ for our customers.


We reserve the right to limit the number of items we will accept.
We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason.
We do not offer credit notes or exchanges.

Data protection

As a customer of Positive Retail your details are stored for marketing purposes. If you would prefer to be removed from our database, please email hello@positive-retail.com or unsubscribe using the link in our emails.

Contact details
You can reach us at hello@positive-retail.com
Our store is located on 28 Addington Street, Ramsgate, Kent