When Topshop entered administration my heart felt heavy. How had the high street got here?  Once an exciting giant (and where I had started my career decades before) it was a sad day.  I had been feeling the need for change coming for a long time.  As a director on the high street, I was weary. Compromised budgets, compromised product, and compromised ethics. The system was tired and aching but I knew there was another way. Positive Retail was born that day.

In the wake of the pandemic, we all noticed the way the public were shopping had changed. People wanted people, and they wanted perspective and connection – stories to share, morals to reconsider, money and clothing to last.

35% of all garments don't get sold and Positive Retail exists to reduce the amount of waste.  We go about this by circulating what is in the system already....with great heart and thought.

We believe that through our carefully curated resale model we bring a fresh buzz to the high street.

By connecting people, planet and product we are driven to tackle the idea that pre-loved is second best, that beauty and a great shopping experience gets compromised.  Together with our community of sellers and branded partnerships we recirculate fashion with integrity and fun. 

In 2021 we set up our first store on Ramsgate’s historical high street to incredible success.  It’s now our view (and mission) that every high-street could do with a bit of Positive Retail.

Shopping local, loving people, staying circular. That’s where it’s at.

Love Anna xx