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Our Story



Fuelled by a longstanding restlessness and discontent with the ethical standards in the retail industry, Positive Retail’s founders Dani & Anna’s mission is simple; create a vibrant and inclusive retail space in which to buy and sell quality “preloved good stuff”. Elevating preloved to ensure second-hand is never second best.

 Cultivating an ever-growing community of likeminded individuals who dispose of and consume style consciously, contributing to the circular economy and creating real sustainable change for the future. This is what Positive Retail is all about.



Anna has worked in retail for over two decades beginning her journey on the shop floor.  Like most people in the pandemic she assessed her wardrobe and saw a huge amount of ‘good stuff’ she wouldn't wear again.  Everyone she spoke to seemed in the same boat, with quality items they wouldn't wear again but were holding on to. She remembered as a kid her Mum used to take her to a ‘Dress Agency’ in Manchester and the idea for Positive Retail was born.

Anna’s commitment to creating sustainable change in retail extends beyond Positive Retail and into her coaching practice.  She’s a qualified executive coach who works to develop the most important asset of any organisation, it’s people. She's particularly passionate about seeing emerging executives get the support they need in retail.



Originally a visual merchandiser (which is why their store looks so fabulous!) Dani has been in fashion a long time and has worked for brands in the last decade as a footwear and accessories buyer.  A keen eye for industry trends and a wicked knack for social means the Positive Retail content is down to her super skills and passion.  

The past few years have seen Dani follow where her heart was telling her to look further and study sustainability.  The courses have provided her an invaluable baseline from which Positive Retail can grow.  She champions everything sustainable and it is part of her DNA. 


‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality not quantity.’
Vivienne Westwood