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Premium Resale Fashion For Women & Men - NEW CURATION DROPPING IN JUNE

Our Story




We are Anna & Dani Co Founders of Positive Retail.

Our experience in the retail industry has taken us from shop floor to boardroom, during an era of rapid growth and change on the high street.

Our skills are now brought to life through Positive Retail. We are built on sustainable practices that challenge the monumental issues of over production and over consumption. Our experience has given us the power to change the narrative and look at the typical retail model differently. We believe in a model that puts people and planet at the heart of everything. 

We have created an inclusive omni channel retail space in which you can buy and sell premium fashion. We elevate resale fashion through considered curation for both men and women.

 We are cultivating a growing community of likeminded individuals who seek to dispose of and consume style consciously, contributing to the circular economy and creating real sustainable change for the future.