Fashion Truth Tellers Event 01

Recently we hosted our first ‘Fashion Truth Tellers' event at Fort Road hotel in Margate, and what an evening we had.

The idea? To get credible leading voices who promote responsibility in the fashion industry together to discuss their truths and experiences on the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and consumerism.

What was their turning moment, why do they choose to stick their necks above the parapet, and shout about change?

Panelist were; (please check out their work)

The night was a huge buzz. We acknowledged the obvious issues like the world is on fire due to overproduction, overconsumption and we desperately need change.  But the conversation was more than that, it was super rich because our truth tellers brought their whole selves, and so did our wonderful audience.

Through events like this, we aim to inspire others to join us in making positive changes. Together, we can work towards a fashion industry that prioritises ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. 

Watch this space!!

Check out Sophia Lorimer aka @finetunedwardrobe's video about the night over on our instagram!

Some excellent references that were mentioned on the night;

Fashion Reimagined - a documentary by Amy Powney

The River of Rubbish - Unreported World short about the Citarum River