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Our Values


We believe that our local High Streets are places of community and heart. Through our Addington Street store in Ramsgate our aim is to reconnect with the local community. Offering an engaging and inspiring shopping environment where you can buy and sell quality pre-loved items. We call it Pre Loved Good Stuff!

There is a “throwaway” consumer culture that is all about buying new stuff. The sheer amount of garments being produced and sold is one of the primary causes of unsustainability in the fashion industry. Today, the desire for fast fashion has created demand for 80 billion new garments a year—a consumption hysteria that far exceeds human needs and planetary boundaries.
As individuals we can all relate to having plenty of unworn items just sitting in our wardrobes so at Positive Retail we want to breathe new life into those items so they can be re-discovered and loved once more!
Our in-store consignment model also means that sellers can make some money whilst making a positive change to the future of retail and the future of our planet.
As both consumers and businesses we have the power to create sustainable change. We are in it together! Our 44 years combined experience in the fashion industry has shown us first hand that change is important, not just environmentally but also socially. Positive Retail has given us the opportunity to combine our passion for the industry and our desire to create positive change.
It is our mission to make the pre-loved world considered and thoughtful with our community in mind. Utilising our knowledge and experience in the industry and understanding of our communities needs and desires, we will create bespoke collections of timeless pieces based on quality and integrity.