The Change We Want To See- Our Manifesto

As one of the pillars of Positive Retail, ‘Change’ has many connotations for us. Whether that’s the positivity we wish to see inside and outside of our doors, we see this mostly as working to leave retail in a better place than we found it. What does that look like to us? An industry that’s compassionate, considered and more exciting to browse.

With approximately 150billion garments produced yearly and 45billion of this not being sold, we are dealing with an incredibly overwhelmed system. We want to be part of a kinder mission, because our planet – and all those who may not have the voice to say it – need our help. There’s a lot of misconceptions on the notion of ‘circular’ – that its second best and takes hours to find great pieces. Alas, we’re here to prove you wrong. Politely. We’ve taken the hassle out of it for you. 

So, if you’re a Positive Retail newbie (hey,) or a long-time diehard (welcome back,) you can find our desires for the high street and our business here, because we maintain that serving our industry goes beyond merely surface value, to the core beliefs that power us.



The prejudices against pre-loved need to be reimagined.

From vintage Prada (swoon) to circular sourced Supreme, we want to challenge the association that pre-loved means a compromise. All the brands, all the quality, all the goodness, all sourced with love by us.

Curation is our superpower

We don’t think shopping has to be a chore. But it’s easier when you get a bit of help, right? Good thing we’ve done the hard work for you; we’ve scoured, sourced and selected the industry’s leading brands all in one place, saving you time, effort and leaving you happy.

We believe retail needs to champion the power of personal style.

There’s nothing quite like the elation of finding something one of a kind. At Positive Retail, we aim to sustain championing the individual, iconic personal style of our lovely customers with our trove of treasures.


Human decency and integrity need to be centred.

Down to those we employ, the brands we stock and the places where we source, we are immovable in the notion that people – regardless of position in the supply chain – deserve respect. So, you can be assured you’re buying from a brand you can trust.

We need to support everyone at every level of the supply chain.

On Black Friday last year, fast fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing offered up to a 100% discount on all clothing. (All 20k online items) - Yes, clothes that someone had sourced, made and distributed cost nothing. Costing the workers everything, though, we wish to implement systemic change across all elements of the supply chain, placing inherent value on craft and paying a fair legal wage.

Small businesses need our support.

All-natural Kent sourced skincare by our neighbour Haeckels is a proud addition to our shelves. Our roots aren’t forgotten in the journey to championing change, and we think great high streets who believe in the strength of community and locality are the way forward.

A unique shopping experience needs to be delivered.

The gutting feeling of being let down by customer service, a half-arsed interaction in a store or not getting the help you needed to find those jeans you’d been after for your night out is all too common. Good thing we’re sound people, too. Come and see us; we love a good convo and in-store event, putting names to faces and hearts to the store.


Sustainable systemic business models need our backing.

Positive Retail manages an entirely sustainable business model, (with a bit of pizzazz, of course) meaning, our packaging, stock and store are all ran considerately. We think it’s the little things that make a difference, that anyone can adopt.

Waste not, want not.

Overconsumption (notably the 92million tonnes of materials that discarded a year,) is a pressing issue. By circulating what’s already in our system, we never take out what we can’t put back in, and one thing we think, is the most important. Long live circular shopping.

So, sound good? We think so too. Check out our latest womenswear, menswear, footwear and accessories now.