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It is easy to be overwhelmed by the countless terms within the sustainable fashion sphere. In this article we explain what slow fashion is and why slowing down fashion is crucial to the industry reducing its damaging effect on our planet.
"Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water and live a decent life. The fashion industry is destroying these human rights by being one of the most polluting industries in the world. It uses massive amounts of clean water: a single t-shirt takes 2.700 litres of water to make. Not to mention the labour conditions under which these products are made... And we're only just getting started: fashion consumption is expected to increase from 62 to 102 million tons in 2030.
It’s time to turn the tide." Slow Fashion Season 2021 — Slow Fashion Movement
Slow fashion considers the processes and resources required to make clothing. It advocates for buying better quality clothing that will in turn last longer. It encompasses the value of people, animals and the planet. The Slow Fashion Movement is focussed on reducing production and consumption to improve the industries damaging footprint.
Slow fashion opposes the fast fashion model that emerged 20 years ago where prices were driven down, clothes became cheaper and trend cycles moved faster. Landfill waste, decay, pollution, poor working conditions and more, are just some of the detrimental side-effects of fast, mass fashion production.
Slow fashion today is about taking a step back and making considerate choices about the items we buy. Do we really need it? Do we really want it and will we utilise it? When we do choose to purchase something new, to consider quality. An investment in one higher quality item is better than 6 cheaply made items that wont last more than a few washes. It is also about not treating your clothes as disposable and to make an effort to repair, upcycle or pass on to someone else. You may be thinking well this sounds like I’m always going to be wearing old, boring clothes and I won’t feel good in what I’m wearing. We can honestly say from our own journeys that your wardrobe becomes stronger, better quality and more utilised.
What’s the point in masquerading behind the façade of an overflowing wardrobe to find that you actually only wear a fraction of it.
 Here are our Positive Retail tips to becoming part of the Slow Fashion Movement.
Firstly you need to have a conscious clear out. Although it is a job most of us actively avoid and find overwhelming to face, a cleanse of your wardrobe is a rewarding task. Rather than just focussing on the odd few items you're happy to take to the charity shop, focus on the items that you don't wear very often or not at all even if you love them to look at. Then challenge yourself to wear those items within a three month period. If you still can't rekindle the flame then it's time to pass them on.
When you've got to the stage of letting go (well done by the way), you have options. You could give the items to friends or family members or you could re-sell them yourself. There are many platforms you can sell your unwanted clothing on including here at Positive Retail. We understand selling can become stressful, so we are committed to making the process as stress free as possible.
Now you can re-assess your wardrobe and identify items that you think you are genuinely missing. These could be items that actually help you get the most out of your current wardrobe. Create a considered shopping list and use this when you do decide to make a new purchase. We would class a good quality white shirt or a perfect fitting pair of jeans here.
Now you know what clothing items you are looking for to enhance your wardrobe, you now have the power to choose where to shop. Shopping small and local does make a difference. A business that focusses on quality and locally sourced items can change the industries effect on our planet and help to eradicate fast fashion. Shopping pre-loved / thrift and vintage is also a great way of slowing down fashion.

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